We are devoted, curious, passionate people leading the charge to end tortoise and freshwater turtle extinctions worldwide.

Formed in 2001 and gaining nonprofit status in 2004, Turtle Survival Alliance is a global conservation organization that works to create a planet where tortoises and freshwater turtles can thrive in the wild. Our science-based initiatives are directed by local leaders, inspiring sustainable, community-based stewardship to prevent extinctions. Where populations cannot yet thrive in the wild, our captive breeding programs preserve opportunities for their future survival.

Mission, Reach, Vision

Our Vision

A planet where turtles thrive in the wild, and are respected and protected by all humans.

Our Mission

To protect and restore wild populations of tortoises and freshwater turtles through science-based conservation, global leadership, and local stewardship.

Our Reach

We operate or support projects in 15 countries around the world, protecting habitats and putting resources on the ground to protect the most imperiled turtle and tortoise species.
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Turtle Survival Alliance
Our Team

Turtle Survival Alliance’s talented team of scientists, researchers, and supporters lead with action and bring life to our mission.


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Global Alliance Partners

We partner with local conservation leaders around the world to deliver our strategic, science-based initiatives.
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Turtle Survival Alliance
2023 Impact Report

Introducing the inaugural Turtle Survival Alliance Impact Report! Inside this issue, explore our rewilding efforts and discover detailed metrics on our progress toward our goal of a planet where turtles thrive in the wild and where all respect and protect them.