Vision Document for Conserving Assam Temple Turtles Launched

June 21, 2021

A major temple in Assam has signed a memorandum of understanding with two green NGOs, the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden and the Kamrup district administration for long-term conservation of the rare freshwater black softshell turtle (Nilssonia nigricans). A vision document 2030 was also launched after Turtle Survival Alliance India and Help Earth signed…

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Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road? And What YOU Can Do!

June 1, 2021

By Jordan Gray It’s that time! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer, the temperature’s getting warmer, and turtles are on the move. Sadly, though, their travels can be full of peril. From lawnmowers to iron rails, and concrete curbs to roadways, a litany of obstacles—some deadly—lie in their way. Roads, in…

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World Turtle Day® – #23DaysOfTurtles

May 21, 2021

World Turtle Day®, established by American Tortoise Rescue in 2000, is now observed by the turtle conservation community around the globe each year on May 23rd. On this day, we celebrate the diversity, beauty, and preservation of the 359 living species of turtles, tortoises, sea turtles, and terrapins found on Earth. From the Arakan Forest…

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Conservation professionals agree: U.S. turtles are under siege from illegal collection

May 21, 2021

Conservationists offers resounding warning about the risks posed to native turtle species due to illegal collection and trafficking Contacts: Scott Buchanan, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management; 401-782-3720; Dave Collins, AZA SAFE: American Turtle Program; Jennifer Sevin, University of Richmond Biology Department; 305-542-0383; More than 650 conservation professionals and 37 conservation organizations…

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Saving the World's Most Endangered Turtles and Tortoises

Coordinating Global Response to Confiscation Events

The TSA has made a bold commitment:

Zero Turtle Extinctions in the 21st Century

Sulawesi Forest Turtle

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