Conservation in Action

Located in Cross, South Carolina, the Turtle Survival Center (TSC) was founded to support our mission of zero turtle extinctions worldwide. Since 2013, we have established scientifically managed populations of critically endangered species and provided involvement opportunities for turtle conservationists of all ages.

The TSC is home to more than 750 turtles and tortoises, including 23 of the world’s most endangered species. Here, the species maintained for population management have been carefully chosen based on conservation status, lack of effective protection in the wild, poor history of captive-breeding success, and ability to thrive in South Carolina’s mild, subtropical climate.

Our Approach

We believe that, when appropriate, ex situ (in captivity) conservation should be used to support in situ (in nature) conservation. We seek to accomplish this by integrating TSC programs with our field programs, as well as those of our partner organizations and governments. Providing viable options for the future, offspring produced from our breeding programs can be used for wild population augmentation or reintroduction.


The TSC offers internship opportunities for students age/grade TK and up. Explore our current internship listings at the link below.

Corporate Giving & Sponsorship

Interested in donating to the TSC or sponsoring our conservation efforts, both on site and around the globe? We’d love to connect.
Explore Partnerships

Volunteer Opportunities

We host regular on-site volunteer events for individuals and groups. Please contact Clinton Doak at the link below for more information.

School Trips

The TSC eagerly welcomes young turtle conservationists to learn about captive husbandry for critically endangered species, chelonian reproductive biology, enclosure design and maintenance, and veterinary care.