Emydoidea blandingii
Blanding’s Turtle

    • Habitat:
      Lakes, ponds, marshes, swamps, prairie potholes, and slow-moving rivers with abundant aquatic vegetation, and their associated terrestrial habitats
    • Threats:
      - Widespread habitat destruction, alteration, and fragmentation
      - Road and railroad mortality
      - Increased predator populations
      - Collection for the pet trade
      - Climate change
    • Conservation Efforts:
      - Field surveys and population monitoring
      - Habitat restoration and management
      - Road mortality mitigation
      - Population augmentation through head start release
      - Combating wildlife trafficking
      - Protected in every state and province in which it naturally occurs
      - CITES Appendix II
    • Wild Population:
      - Decreasing
      - Continuing range regression
      - Populations often small and localized
      - Healthy populations often associated with state or federally protected lands
    • Endangered Status:

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