Clinton Doak

Director of Turtle Survival Center Operations

Clinton Doak has been interested in reptiles and amphibians for the majority of his life. Growing up in rural Michigan, his passion for herpetofauna started at an early age where he could be found in swamps and ponds looking for turtles. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Zoology at Northern Michigan University, he relocated to Arkansas to begin a career in zookeeping. Initially a keeper in the Education Department at the Little Rock Zoo, Clinton’s primary interest in herpetology drove him towards a more reptile-focused career. Clinton joined the Alliance in 2015 as Director of Operations.

Clinton’s work as a professional herpetologist began with a swing keeper position in the Reptile Department at the Little Rock Zoo, which would soon graduate to a full-time position in the Fort Worth Zoo’s world-class herpetarium, The Museum of Living Art (MOLA). While working in MOLA, he worked with some of the most endangered reptiles in the world, including a variety of Asian species such as Indian Gharial, Painted Terrapin, Pan’s Box turtle, Southern River Terrapin, and Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle.