Saving Turtles in Madagascar

The over-arching goal of the Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar program is to engage communities to protect tortoises in their native habitat, conserve forests through active management, dissuade poaching through revitalizing cultural traditions and holding those accountable who break them, seize and provide long-term care for illegally collected tortoises, infiltrate and dismantle tortoise poaching networks, and return tortoises to the wild where and when possible.


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Your generosity will help our rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction efforts for critically endangered species in Madagascar today.

Turtle Survival Alliance accomplishes these goals by providing rapid response, triage, acute veterinary care, and long-term care for tortoises seized from illegal wildlife trade, establishing community conservation areas, reintroducing confiscated tortoises to the wild, conducting post-release monitoring, promoting and providing sustainable alternative livelihoods, building schools and water source infrastructure, and engaging in community outreach and awareness.

Rescue, Reintroduction, and Release of the Radiated Tortoise

The following gallery is a collection of images taken since 2022 demonstrating the treatment, care, and release of Radiated Tortoises into community-protected forests in Madagascar. Turtle Survival Alliance team members work with the local community for the protection of this Critically Endangered species.

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Your generosity will help us protect threatened species today.

Lead Partners and Supporters

Program Team

Herilala Randriamahazo

Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Hery Lova Razafimamonjiraibe

Deputy Director
Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Hanta Rasoanaivo

Finance Manager
Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Tsanta Fiderana Rakotonanahary

Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Tony Dieudonné Ralivaniaina

Lead Keeper-Tortoise Conservation Center
Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Carrela Rasolondraibe Anjaramamitiana

Lead Keeper-Lavavolo Tortoise Center
Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar

Tirindraza Horlando

Volunteer Coordinator
Turtle Survival Alliance Madagascar