Radio-tracking Radiated Tortoises – Travel Blog Vol. 4

July 15, 2022

April 6, 2022 By Brett Bartek Back to so-called “civilization.” Although a return to the capital of Antananarivo means regular showers and a cheeseburger lunch in a French restaurant, it also means traffic jams, pollution, panhandling, and the overall busy nature that comes with any big city. While in the field, time is regulated by…

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Species Spotlight: Asian Giant Softshell

July 15, 2022

Asian Giant Softshell Turtle (Pelochelys cantorii) Countries of Origin: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore (extirpated), Thailand, Vietnam IUCN Status: Critically Endangered Habitat: Rivers, estuaries, coastal brackish and marine waters, and lakes Size:  ≤ 100 cm (~39 in.) carapace length Fast Facts: – Described to science in 1864 by John Edward Gray – Named in…

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TSA’s Turtle Month Turtle Heroes — Week 4

May 21, 2022

Welcome to Week 4 of TSA’s Turtle Month! Every day, from Earth Day through World Turtle Day® on May 23rd, TSA is highlighting the people who make possible our collaborative programs across the world for the preservation of threatened turtles and tortoises. Without these Turtle Heroes, we could not achieve our vision of Zero Turtle Extinction! For their…

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Saving the World's Most Endangered Turtles and Tortoises

Coordinating Global Response to Confiscation Events

The TSA has made a bold commitment:

Zero Turtle Extinctions in the 21st Century

Sulawesi Forest Turtle

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