Cuora mccordi
McCord’s Box Turtle

    • Habitat:
      Bamboo patches in broadleaf forests and accompanying shallow wetlands and small streams
    • Threats:
      - Collection for the pet and food trades
      - Habitat destruction
      - Pollution
    • Conservation Efforts:
      - Captive breeding and assurance colonies
      - Protected in the wild in China
      - CITES Appendix II
    • Wild Population:
      - Presumed Extinct in the wild
      - Last specimen observed in 2010
    • Endangered Status:
      Critically Endangered

Fast Facts

The McCord’s Box Turtle is likely extinct in the wild due to collection for food and pet markets, habitat loss, and pollution.

Females lay 1 – 6 eggs per clutch and can triple-clutch per year.

While juveniles are aquatic, adults are mainly terrestrial.

Species Snapshot