Glyptemys muhlenbergii
Bog Turtle

    • Habitat:
      Stream-, spring-, and seep-fed fens, sedge meadows, sphagnum bogs, marshes, and open shrubby swamps
    • Threats:
      - Habitat destruction, alteration, and fragmentation
      - Invasive and successional wetland plant species proliferation
      - Illegal collection for the pet trade
      - Increased mesopredator population levels
    • Conservation Efforts:
      - Protected as threatened under the Endangered Species Act
      - Population surveys, monitoring, and augmentation
      - Habitat restoration and management
      - CITES Appendix I
    • Wild Population:
      - Decreasing
      - Estimated population reduction greater than 90%
      - Populations highly fragmented
    • Endangered Status:
      Critically Endangered

Fast Facts

The species is endemic to the eastern United States and is quickly recognized by the distinctive yellow, orange, pink, or red patches.


It is well adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle in shallow wetlands, where its low profile facilitates movement through dense vegetation.

Species Snapshot