Glyptemys muhlenbergii
Bog Turtle

    • Habitat:
      Stream-, spring-, and seep-fed fens, sedge meadows, sphagnum bogs, marshes, and open shrubby swamps
    • Threats:
      - Habitat destruction, alteration, and fragmentation
      - Invasive and successional wetland plant species proliferation
      - Illegal collection for the pet trade
      - Increased mesopredator population levels
    • Conservation Efforts:
      - Protected as threatened under the Endangered Species Act
      - Population surveys, monitoring, and augmentation
      - Habitat restoration and management
      - CITES Appendix I
    • Wild Population:
      - Decreasing
      - Estimated population reduction greater than 90%
      - Populations highly fragmented
    • Endangered Status:
      Critically Endangered

Species Snapshot