Turtle Sampling Begins in Texas

by Eric Munscher 

DSC_0122The North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group (NAFTRG) sampled the Comal Springs in New Braunfels, Texas for the fourth time (first time in 2013) from February 1-3.  Comal Springs is the headwaters to the Comal River and represents a very important ecological region in Texas.

Volunteers from SWCA Environmental Consultants, Turtle Survival Alliance, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens, Sea World San Antonio, Houston ISD, and other affiliates participated in the sampling effort.  In just 2.5 field days, the group captured 406 turtles representing four species.  Over half of the captures were Common Musk Turtles (Sternotherus odoratus).  In just one year’s time, the NAFTRG has already marked 464 individuals in this spring-fed lake system. 

DSC_0090cropThe next sampling session for this spring will be April 12 – 14. Please come and join us! Click here to learn more about how you can participate.


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