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Commentary: South Carolina Must Tighten State Laws to Protect Turtles

BY ELISE BENNETT (Center for Biological Diversity) and JORDAN GRAY (Turtle Survival Alliance) Each year, tens of thousands of live turtles are stolen from America’s woodlands and waterways and shipped overseas as pets or for meat. And with lax laws against harvest, South Carolina is a haven for turtle snatchers. State wildlife officials recently saved…

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Suspects Arrested in Thailand for Theft of Burmese Tortoises

by Admin  Two suspects have been arrested in Thailand in connection with the sale of critically endangered Burmese star tortoises on Facebook, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). Seven tortoises were confiscated from the home of one of the suspects upon his arrest on December 22 in Khon Khaen Province, in…

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Tortoises Rescued in Madagascar

by Christine Bowie  The Turtle Survival Alliance was recently called on to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of 771 critically endangered tortoises, confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade in Madagascar. The seizure, which consisted of Radiated (Astrochelys radiata) and Ploughshare (A. yniphora) Tortoises took place on September 28 when customs officials at the Ivato Airport…

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