Historic Confiscation of Radiated Tortoises, Phase II: Transition to long-term care facility is complete

Radiated Tortoise

by Jordan Gray  A large juvenile Radiated Tortoise sits beside the commemorative stone placed at our Itampolo tortoise facility. On a late June morning, 62 days after the nearly 10,000 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) were seized from wildlife traffickers in Toliara, Madagascar, a large green truck departed the SOPTOM-CRCC “Village des Tortues” in Ifaty. Contained within…

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Farewell and Thank You Bonnie!

by Jordan Gray  “This past week, we said goodbye to Dr. Bonnie Raphael, the heart and soul of this operation for the past month, but not before celebrating her birthday with a fine celebration. Big jobs call for big personalities and Bonnie rose to the occasion as she always does. She is, as I am fond…

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