Red-crowned Roofed Turtles Get a Head Start in India


By Rishika Dubla, Shailendra Singh, Chandan Jani, Pawan Parekh and Jordan Gray The Red-crowned Roofed Turtle (Batagur kachuga) is a Critically Endangered freshwater turtle species known historically from large riverine environments of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Evolutionarily adapted for high adult-survivorship, detrimental anthropogenic (human) activities such as illegal fishing, sand mining, poaching, egg harvesting, riverside…

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Red-Crowned Roof Turtle Assurance Colony Grows in India

by Heather Lowe-  The TSA India team has been hard at work at the Kukrail Gharial and Turtle Conservation Center. Renovations were completed on two enclosures last month, followed by the modification of an unused adult gharial pond. The pond is six feet deep with a sandy nesting beach, perfect for the turtles which were just released…

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TSA Board Member Visits Project Sites in India

by Lonnie McCaskill  TSA Board Member Lonnie McCaskill dedicates a significant amount of his personal time to serving as mentor to the incredibly hard-working TSA India team. He spent March 8-31, 2014 visiting program sites throughout India with the program’s director, Shailendra Singh. This is his trip report. Enjoy! I arrived in Lucknow on the morning…

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