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Turtle Survival Alliance directly impacts the survival of 20 of the world's Top 25 most endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles and benefits 33% of Earth's 353 species.

Turtle Survival Alliance operates or supports projects in fifteen countries around the world, protecting habitat, and putting people and resources on the ground, for the most imperiled turtle and tortoise species.

Turtle Survival Center

To help Turtle Survival Alliance and its partners achieve the goal of zero turtle extinctions, Turtle Survival Alliance founded the Turtle Survival Center to establish scientifically managed populations of species that are likely to depend on captive management to avoid extinction. There is an increasing need to integrate in situ (in nature) and ex situ (in captivity) conservation strategies to ensure that, whenever appropriate, ex situ conservation is used to support in situ conservation to the best effect possible. Turtle Survival Alliance will seek to accomplish this by integrating its programs at the TSC with its own field programs as well as those of its many partner individuals, organizations, and governments. Offspring produced from carefully managed conservation breeding programs can be used for wild population augmentation or reintroduction, thus providing options for the future. The Turtle Survival Center also provides opportunities for young turtle conservationists from around the world to learn about all aspects of captive husbandry for a variety of critically endangered chelonians, their reproductive biology, enclosure design and maintenance, and veterinary care.  

Drink Beer. Save Turtles.®

What happens when you combine two things people love? A fun slogan and fantastic way to bring people together for conservation awareness.

Our "Drink Beer. Save Turtles." collaborations have purveyed limited edition beers, merchandise, outreach, and tasting events to raise funds and awareness for the plight of turtles. See a few of our partners and previous participants HERE and keep up with all of the upcoming events, special beers, and DBST Gear by following us on social media.

Education & Outreach

Engaging people of all ages is foundational to the survival of turtles and tortoises. At Turtle Survival Alliance, we understand the direct and indirect impacts education has on conservation. The Turtle Survival Alliance Virtual Outreach Experience provides opportunities to reach audiences of all sizes, anywhere with a computer and a camera. From elementary to college and university classes and civic groups to nonprofits, to activity clubs, we cater virtual learning opportunities to your audience. We strive to connect with the curiosity and enthusiasm in viewers across the world, creating catalytic moments for those eager to learn. We welcome you to be the next to join us in the exchange of turtle knowledge!

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