Environmental Enrichment of the Enclosure of Chelonoidis denticulatus in Captivity – Jeberson da Silva Ferreira


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  1. Erik Callender on September 9, 2020 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you TSA for having this forum, and for the ability to participate virtually! This paper regarding the enrichment of the environment of the yellow foot tortoises comes at a perfect time as aim currently remodeling most of the enclosures for animals at our sanctuary animals. Alas, Please address the following questions when possible ! Thank s

    Was the natural environment and diet of wild Yellow Foot tortoise studied in detail ?

    Were the animal checked by a Veterinarian before and after the study?

    Is the study still happening ?

    How large is the enclosure?

    Do yellow foot typically live in groups in nature?

    How long did the study go on for? is it still happening?

    Thank you again very much for doing this !

    Peace Joy and happiness Always


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