Vision Document for Conserving Assam Temple Turtles Launched

Black Softshell

A major temple in Assam has signed a memorandum of understanding with two green NGOs, the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden and the Kamrup district administration for long-term conservation of the rare freshwater black softshell turtle (Nilssonia nigricans). A vision document 2030 was also launched after Turtle Survival Alliance India and Help Earth signed…

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148 Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle Hatchlings Released Into Natural Habitat

Pelochelys cantorii

By Phal Sophanith The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), in collaboration with the Fisheries Administration (FiA) at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, have recently released 148 Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle hatchlings, aged between one and three weeks into the Mekong River stretching along Sambour district of Kratie province. WCS’ conservation of Critically Endangered Cantor’s…

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10 Royal Turtles Released into their Natural Habitat

PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kampong Seila (Jan 28, 2021) – The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Department of Fisheries Conservation of the Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, ​​in collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), today released ten critically endangered Royal Turtles (Batagur affinis) into the Sre Ambel River…

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Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) programmes held at Nature Discovery Centre

Read the full article from The Sentinel HERE! BISWANATH CHARIALI: Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) India team conducted two teachers’ training workshops at Nature Discovery Centre, Biswanath Ghat and Halem Chariali LP School recently. The workshops were aimed at increasing awareness on threats and conservation of freshwater turtles and tortoises among school teachers and ways to…

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Turning the Tide: The Northern River Terrapin and the Race Against Extinction

From Roundglass Sustain: By Radhika Raj, How a conservationist and his team in the Sundarbans brought the Northern River Terrapin, one of the most endangered turtle species in the world, back from the brink… On the night before Holi, as the country prepared for the festival of colours, Shailendra Singh sat on a lonely motorboat…

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Red-crowned Roofed Turtles Get a Head Start in India


By Rishika Dubla, Shailendra Singh, Chandan Jani, Pawan Parekh and Jordan Gray The Red-crowned Roofed Turtle (Batagur kachuga) is a Critically Endangered freshwater turtle species known historically from large riverine environments of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Evolutionarily adapted for high adult-survivorship, detrimental anthropogenic (human) activities such as illegal fishing, sand mining, poaching, egg harvesting, riverside…

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A Labor of Love!

Radiated Tortoise

by Jordan Gray  We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.” For our “Team Radiata 3” wave in Madagascar, this phrase is more of a calling—fueled by passion and love. Under the hot Malagasy sun, this amazing group of responders has been continuing the relief effort for the nearly…

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Update 3 from Madagascar

by Jordan Gray  Ifaty, Madagascar – TSA Madagascar is getting the job done as Team Radiata #1 nears arrival at Village des tortues. This, from Aina Tiana Rak-“Six local volunteers from different institutions joined us yesterday at Village des tortues. They helped to soak, build shelter houses, and distribute water for the tortoises!”! Helping hands for…

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