Conference Hotel

Dear Symposium Participants,
The Symposium host committee works hard to bring you an extraordinary experience each year. Part of that experience is the conference hotel. This year, we return to the exceptional Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The perfect getaway for every naturalist, the resort features all the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, hiking trails, and is home to Gila Monsters, Sonoran Desert Tortoises, a myriad of birds, and numerous other species of desert wildlife!

We spend a great deal of time negotiating with these venues to bring you the best value. While host hotels are somewhat limited in how much they can change the price of the room, they are able to provide additional services. Making your hotel reservation through the TSA link provides us with the conference space, and brings other perks to the meetings. When you book your sleeping room through the TSA link, your room reservation includes additional benefits that are not included when reserving your room from discount travel websites – such as: 


  • A complimentary full buffet breakfast at the on-site restaurant; breakfast coupons match number of guests registered for the room.
  • Waiver of the Resort Fee ($29 value), which is mandatory fee on all other bookings and not included in the room price you view on discount travel sites.
  • Free Parking

Room Reservations:

Starting at $129.00

Room rates are subject to all applicable city, state, or federal taxes that apply at time of occupancy.


  • Click "make a reservation" in the upper right hand corner, this will take you to the Reservations page.
  • There is an auto-generated banner on the Reservations Page that states a "Resort Charge" will be added to your stay. Ignore this as the Resort Charge will be waived IF you book through the TSA link. If you book through any other link, you will have to pay resort fees as well as pay for breakfast, which will add greatly to the overall price.
  • At the top of the reservations page, click on "Dates:" and select the nights that you would like. (This is also where you change the number of room occupants. If you do not select the correct number of room occupants, you will not receive the correct number of breakfast vouchers.) Then click <continue>
  • Here, select your room type, King or Two Queens, Then click "See Rates"
  • Then click "Select This Rate"
  • Government employees (federal/state) should note that the negotiated rate for the Symposium is cheaper than the Government Rate, and includes benefits that cost extra under the Government Rate, so you are better off to use the Symposium rate.
  • CLICK HERE to reserve your room(s):

We have been contacted by individuals who have made reservations through discount travel websites who are surprised to learn that they are not entitled to the benefits negotiated by the host committee. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help them gain these benefits, as they are only available to those who book through the TSA link below.

We can't wait to see you in Tucson!

Book your room HERE!