Day 5: August 24th, 2021

19th Annual Symposium

on the Conservation and Biology of

Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles

— A Virtual Experience —

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Captive Management/Husbandry 


Singh, Arunima

Hatching, Growth, and Behavior of Crowned River Turtle (Hardella thurjii) in Captivity

Arunima Singh


Terebiznik, Mariel

Hatchling Turtles Ingest Natural and Artificial Incubation Substrates at High Frequencies

Mariel Terebiznik 

11:15AM EDT

Johnson-Delaney, Cathy

Critical Care of Pancake Tortoises (Malacochersus tornieri) – A Rescue

Cathy Johnson-Delaney

11:30AM EDT

Rowe, Dan

Using Wi-Fi Cameras and Pose Estimation to Alert on Upside Down Tortoises to Reduce Fatalities in Critical Captive Tortoise Populations

Dan Rowe

11:45AM EDT



Weaver, Calvin

Amazon Big-headed Turtle (Peltocephalus dumerilianus): Care and Reproduction in a  Managed Setting

Calvin Weaver

12:00PM EDT

Thompson, Jeremy

“The Big 5”– Breeding Success at The Kinixys Cooperative

Jeremy Thompson

12:15PM EDT

Parks, Courtney

Head-starting Methodology for Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin): The Effects of Diet and Density on Juvenile Growth

Courtney Parks

12:30PM EDT

Corvid-Chelonian Conflicts 


Harju, Seth

Estimating Trends of Common Raven Populations in North America 1966–2018

Seth Harju

12:45PM EDT

Ocanas, Alex

Addressing the Raven Food Subsidy Challenge by Engaging Restaurants to Close their Dumpsters

Alejandrina Ocañas

1:00PM EDT  

Duerr, Adam

Influence of Anthropogenic Subsidies on Movements of Common Ravens

Adam Duerr

1:15PM EDT

Currylow, Andrea

Identifying Population Management Strategies for Avian Predators: A Decision Tool

Andrea Currylow

1:30PM EDT 

Sanchez, Corina

Efficacy of Common Raven (Corvus corax) Reproduction Manipulations at Conserving Sensitive Prey Species: Three Case Studies

Corina Sanchez

1:45PM EDT

Holcomb, Kerry

A Desert Tortoise-Common Raven Viable Conflict Threshold: A Generalizable Approach to Corvid Depredation Management

Kerry Holcomb

2:00PM EDT

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August 27

  • Sessions: Conservation & Field Studies

August 31

  • Sessions: Bigger Picture, Interesting Findings, and Long-Term Studies & Awards