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Indonesia: East Nusa Tenggara Protects Critical Rote Island Habitat

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle: Congratulations to East Nusa Tenggara for establishing the Rote Essential Ecosystem Areas in an effort to protect and reintroduce this iconic species! The designation of the three lakes (Peto, Lendoen and Ledulu) as KEE is a very good effort for the protection of the LAST FEASIBLE HABITAT of the Roti…

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Turtle Trouble on the Brahmaputra

By Rishika Dubla and Shailendra Singh. Though the endangered Assam roofed turtle receives legal protection at par with the Bengal tiger, it is still poached for the illegal pet trade and its eggs collected for consumption. Read more from RoundGlass Sustain HERE.

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A total of 67 turtles from Nagaon Shivasthan Temple pond released into the wild

TSA India’s Northeast team have been busy over the past five days conducting an operation transferring turtles from a temple pond at Nagaon Shiva Temple to the Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary. The concrete pond held several species of freshwater turtles that were in suboptimal conditions, preventing them from being able to bask or nest. This operation…

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