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“It’s the First Time Any Western Chelonian Researchers have Encountered Forsten’s Tortoises in the Wild!” 

  Christine Light (Sulawesi Chelonian Conservation Program Coordinator) and Cris Hagen (TSA’s Turtle Survival Center Director of Animal Management) are currently on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia conducting surveys for endemic chelonians. Their counterparts from Tadulako University (UNTAD) in Central Sulawesi, Dr. Jusri Nilawati and Dr. Fadly Y. Tantu have found Forsten’s Tortoises in the wild before. Christine…

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Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Connect Magazine: “We’re In This Together, Combatting Turtle Trafficking”

By Mary Ellen Collins “I’m tired of crisis management,” said Rick Hudson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) in Charleston South Carolina. It was late October and Hudson had just returned from Madagascar where 7,347 Radiated Tortoises had been confiscated, just six months after the record-breaking seizure of 10,976 of…

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Rescuing Reptiles in Myanmar (Smithsonian National Zoo Animal News)

In Myanmar, reptiles are rapidly disappearing—the result of poaching and other threats. The good news: all hope is not lost for critically endangered turtles. Rescue facilities across the country, supported by the Turtle Survival Alliance, are working to save these species from extinction…….. Click HERE for the rest from the Smithsonian Zoo’s Animal News!

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