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In Memoriam of TSA Europe Chair Henk Zwartepoorte

by Ron de Bruin  On October 28, Henk Zwartepoorte died unexpectedly while on holiday in Australia. He was 67 years old. Henk was a passionate leader in the turtle conservation community. Because of his friendly and approachable nature Henk had an extensive network of people involved in turtle care, biology, and conservation around the world. Henk…

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More Improvements Made in Big-Headed Turtle Rescue

by Howard Goldstein  The futures of the Big-Headed Turtles confiscated in Myanmar last month are rapidly improving, thanks to the combined rescue efforts of Turtle Survival Alliance, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Wildlife Reserves Singapore. On 7 November 2016, TSA first announced that the Myanmar authorities had confiscated 800 Big-Headed Turtles from the illegal wildlife trade, and…

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