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TSA Europe Assists with Illegal Turtle Confiscations

by Henk Zwartepoorte  Over the past few years in Hong Kong, large numbers of illegally imported and/or traded turtles have been confiscated. On one hand, these confiscations are a good sign of effective law enforcement, but on the other hand it indicates that the mass illegal trade in Asia is on-going. The CITES Hong Kong authorities,…

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Finishing Up the Hicatee Workshops in Belize

by Thomas Rainwater  We just completed the second of our two Hicatee (Dermatemys mawii) Survey and Monitoring Workshops in Belize. After several days down south for the first workshop, this time we were up north on the New River Lagoon and associated tributaries. New River Lagoon is an approximately 27 mile long lagoon located in north-central…

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Hicatee Conservation Workshops in Belize

by Thomas Rainwater  Just a quick note to say we just successfully completed the first of two Hicatee (Central American River Turtle, Dermatemys mawii) Survey and Monitoring Workshops in Belize.  This first workshop was conducted on the Rio Grande in southern Belize, near the town of Punta Gorda.  The second workshop begins tomorrow on the New…

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